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  • Monday-Friday 8:30am-6pm
  • Saturday 8:30am-5pm    


                                            In Store Now...

Also in Store.....                                           

Bird Houses, Feeders and Feed
Lawn Decorations
Wind Chimes

Homegrown Produce, Great for Winter Storage

Pie Pumpkins
Red Cabbage
Green Cabbage
Squash of all kinds

***We also take orders for large quantities. Our produce is great for canning and freezing!

Be proactive in your Lawn Care...Matthys Farms Recomended 4 Step Program

Step 1:
             March -    Apply 12-12-12 Fertilizer
             April    -   Apply Crabgrass Preventer with Fertilizer

Step 2:
            May    -    Apply Weed-N-Feed or Apply Dry Fertilizer and Spray with Broadleaf Weed Killer
            June 15th
                 to   -     Apply Grub Control Products and Apply Fungicide (if needed)
           July 15th

Step 3:
            July 15
                to    -     Apply Dry Fertilizer
            August 31

Step 4:
                to       -   Apply Winterizer Fertilizer

Winter is Coming....Are you ready?

Muck Boots
Snow Shovels
Ice Melter

                                        Events and Products Coming Soon!!

Beautiful Frasier Firs

Available November 26th

Pricing starting at $40

      Santa Claus is Coming to the Farm!!

    Santa and His Elf Will Be Visiting
                    Everyone At:

            Matthys Farm Market

            57754 Crumstown Hwy
            South Bend, IN 46619

      Saturday, December 3, 2016
                11 A.M. to 2 P.M.

           Bring your children
            (and pets too!) for
       pictures, food, and fun!!

 Matthys Farm will be providing....

                   -Free hotdogs
                -Free hot chocolate
                     -Free coffee